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Low Acute Toxicity

@ Following figure is result of acute toxicity test, performed in vivo.
Conventional Polysorbate80 and NOF ultra-pure Polysorbate80 were diluted to certain concentration with saline. A selected dose of each was administered into the tail veins of mice and survival rates of animals were evaluated.
Groups of mice, which 0.75 mL or 1 mL of NOF ultra-pure Polysorbate80 were given, showed remarkably higher survival rate than mice, they were given other grades of Polysorbate80.
In addition to safety features performed in vitro, our ultra-pure Polysorbate80 showed an excellent level of safety in the tests in vivo as well. These measure a wider range of biological functions relating to the metabolic detoxification system.
Nowadays, people pay considerable attention to safety aspects of pharmaceutical products and Quality of Life. NOF promotes corporate social contributions by providing our ultra-pure Polysorbate80 as a global standard.

Survival Rate

Effect of concentration of Polysorbate 80 on Survival Rate in BALB/c mice. Polysorbate 80 was diluted by PBS and injected into mice with intravenous administration.