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Low Hemolysis

Adding Polysorbate80 of industrial grade, conventional injectable grade and NOF ultra-pure Polysorbate80 to guinea pig erythrocytes and evaluated their hemolyzing properties after 60 minutes. Each hemolytic ratio was determined by absorbance of 576nm in the solution.
This data showed that NOF ultra-pure Polysorbate80 was significantly low hemolysis than others, despite the fact that all three samples contained surfactants with substantially the same molecular structure.
We are convinced that this data is as evidence that our ultra-pure Polysorbate80 has low cytotoxicity and is exceedingly safe product if used correctly.
In@addition, Polysorbate80 has excellent oxidative stability. This means that our ultra-pure Polysorbate80 is worthy of being adopted as a global standard, in that it has high stability that is required in both design and production of formulations, and high level of safety is required for use as component of pharmaceutical products.
Hemolysis Test