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Ultra-Purity Oleic acid & Derivatives

@Ultra-Purity Oleic acid (Purified Oleic Acid)

When produced for the first time in the world by the NOF Corporation, highly pure oleic acid (purity more than 99%) had a purity that exceeded the specifications then available in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients. By working with the authority, we succeed in getting it listed in the 2003 Edition of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients as "Purified oleic acid". It is now commonly available as a pharmaceutical additive.


  Product name Oleic acid purity CAS No.
Ultra-Purity Oleic acid EXTRA OLEIN™ 99 >99 112-80-1

Ultra-Purity Oleic acid
Crystal of Ultra-Purity Oleic acid (EXTRA OLEINE™ 99)
Crystal of Ultra-Purity Oleic acid (EXTRA OLEINE™ 99)
Form ation of peroxides in oleir acid during in cubation at 50ºC

@Dermatology test of EXTRA OLEIN™ 99

Dermal Absorption Enhancement of Indomethacin with Highly Purified Oleic Acid (EXTRA Series)